$11, 075 Total Prizes! Congratulations to this year’s Benchwarmer winners, see you next year!

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Weeks 1-16 Prizes: $625 Given Away

Highest Three Team Total….$300

Second Highest….$150

Third Highest….$100

Lowest Three Team Total…$50

Second Lowest….$25

Weeks 17 Prizes: $1075 Given Away

Highest Three Team Total….$500

Second Highest….$200

Third Highest….$125

Fourth Highest….$100

Lowest Three Team Total…$75

Second Lowest….$50

Third Lowest….$25


  1. Your ticket is valid for the 17 weeks of the regular NFL season
  2. Each ticket has 3 teams each week.  These team scores are added together to determine winners
  3. In case of ties, prizes will be combined and split
  4. Winners will be notified by receipt of check for the amount won.  Winner’s list will be posted in school, emailed, and posted on social media
  5. No other ticket has the same combination as the ones you purchase
  6. If a winner cannot be determined, an alternate method of dispersing prizes will be used
  7. Teams not playing in a given week will be assigned the previous week’s scores
  8. Ticket purchasers are not allowed to preview tickets
  9. Sales Tax is included in the price of the tickets

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Newman Class of 1980,
40 year reunion, and ALL subsequent reunions, will be the weekend after Father’s Day. So, our 40 year reunion will be the weekend of 6-27-20.
*Fridays will be unplanned. Of course, classmates can get together as they determine for themselves.
*Saturdays will consist of meeting at the Park Inn starting at 6:00 for talking & getting reacquainted.


Newman Graduates Class of 1980,

Our 40 year reunion is being rescheduled to Aug 29, 2020, at the Park Inn starting at 7PM.

This decision is based on conversation with the Park Inn. Although the Park Inn plans to have the bar & lounge open on June 27 they will not accommodate our expected turnout and they would enforce 6 foot social distancing.

If the Park Inn’s or the Governor’s guidelines would disallow a gathering on Aug 29, 2020, we will not attempt to find a later date, we will just see everyone at the 45 year reunion (on the Saturday after Father’s Day, 2025). A final decision on whether we will have the reunion on Aug 29, 2020, will be made and communicated on Aug 3, 2020.

Please spread the word.

Pat O’Connor

Newman Class of 1980 President