Newman Scrip is an easy way to support Newman and lower the cost of your tuition.

Like a gift card, scrip can be purchased and used at different businesses… at no extra cost to you! Many Mason City & national businesses accept Newman Scrip. A certain percentage of the sale is returned to Newman, and applied toward your tuition!

Here’s the SCRIPT on SCRIP!

Shop – shop for your favorite SCRIP gift cards.

Earn – earn credit with each purchase toward tuition!

Save – save yourself money by purchasing SCRIP and earn credit toward tuition expenses.

Here’s how it works: Any SCRIP purchases  will provide your family with 50% credit of profits to apply to your tuition bill at registration.

SCRIP orders will be filled at the Elementary office everyday!

  • You are welcome to drop your SCRIP orders off at the elementary, high school or daycare.
  • On SCRIP jean days, those orders will be processed and given to families that day for participating students.
  • Online orders will be filled every day.

SCRIP Jean Days:

  • High School/Middle School – 1st Friday of the Month
  • Elementary – 2nd Friday of the Month

Supporting Parishes: Place your SCRIP order after Mass

  • Patrick’s in Clear Lake – 2nd weekend of the Month.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Sandy Grandgenett at 641-423-3101


There are now three ways to purchase SCRIP:

Method 1

Download the NEW RaiseRight SCRIP App!

Available to download in the Apple & Google Play Store: To Download Click Here

Narrow your search with categories that fit your everyday shopping needs.  Discover new earning opportunities every day.  Easily browse brands offering bonus earnings and so much more!

Method 2

Already have an account

  1. Go to
  2. Shop

Create a new account

  1. Register a new account
  2. Enter Enrollment Code (Call Kim Kemna for code 641-423-6638)
  3. Click Register
  4. Enter in your family’s information
  5. Click “I Accept”

Method 2

Download a copy of the scrip form (PDF) and take it to Newman High School, Newman Daycare, or to your church rectories. You can also send an order form to school with your child.

Download the RaiseRight Scrip App

Download Local Scrip Form 

Download National Scrip Form

Shop with Scrip